GCfE Publications

The Birmingham Journal for Europe

The Birmingham Journal for Europe (BJfE) is a postgraduate publication peer-reviewed by academics in relevant disciplines at the University of Birmingham. The editorial process is run by Birmingham postgraduate students overseen by the GCfE Co-Chair for the Journal. All papers published within the journal are peer-reviewed by a relevant member of academic staff at the University of Birmingham to ensure quality and suitability for publication.

To read previous issues of the BJfE please visit our academic website: http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/research/activity/gcfe/journal/index.aspx

In 2014 the GCfE publications committee opted to produce a collection of conference proceedings with Cambridge Scholars Publishing and suspended the journal for 2014/2015. We are now re-launching our journal call and for this and subsequent issue we are opening the Birmingham Journal for Europe to move beyond conference theme issues to include all relevant research on, in or about Europe.

Our 2015/16 Call for Papers which is open until 30 November 2015 and can be found here: BJfE 2015-16 cfp

Chief Editors and Publications Co-Chairs (formally Journal Co-Chair):
2014/2015: Zainab Naqvi
2013/2014: Gail Mobley
2012/2013: Ivor Bolton
2011/2012: Claire Morelon
2010/2011: Judith Allan

The GCfE Newsletter

Launched in Autumn of 2013, the newsletter aims to be a once per term publication detailing the events of the forum and relevant news bulletins in Europe. Editorial bulletins will be written by the GCfE and BJfE steering committees, however, the newsletter is willing to accept short news pieces written by other postgraduate students. If you are interested in submitting an article for our newsletter please send a submission of approximately 300-1000 words on current events in Europe, from the perspective of any discipline. The ideal time to try and submit a bulletin will be in September, January and April of each academic year. These can be sent to: gcfe@contacts.bham.ac.uk, please entitle your emails as submission for newsletter.

Issue 1: GCfE Newsletter No.1 Autumn 2013

Issue 2: GCfE Newsletter No.2 Winter 2014

Issue 3: GCfE Newsletter No.3 Spring 2014

Issue 4: GCfE Newsletter No.4 Autumn 2014

Issue 5: GCfE Newsletter No.5 Spring 2015

Cambridge Scholars Publishing book – Travelling Europe: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Place and Space

In 2014 the GCfE publications committee decided to produce a collection of conference proceedings on the theme of their 8th annual conference, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2015. The collection consisted of papers accepted for presentation at the 8th annual conference, and was collected and edited by the BJfE publications team. Gail Mobley, the Co-Chair Publications for 2013/2014, was the chief editor for this collection and responsible for the assembly and formatting of the collection. Zainab Naqvi was the second editor who assisted Gail with the final proofreading. Other editing and formatting tasks were completed by Enrico Vanino, Marine Poirier, Daria Neagu and Ivor Bolton.

The collection is now available online here: http://www.cambridgescholars.com/travelling-europe


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