Launched in 2005, the Graduate Centre for Europe is an interdisciplinary initiative involving University of Birmingham postgraduates from the College of Arts and Law, the College of Life and Environmental Sciences and the College of Social Sciences. The GCfE has been established to

  • Enable exchanges of ideas on Europe among graduate students
  • Bring together expertise that is currently spread across a wide range of academic disciplines
  • Facilitate collaborative research activities
  • Promote the acquisition of research skills
  • Publish the Birmingham Journal for Europe

The GCfE is directed by a steering committee of postgraduates who represent a range of academic disciplines. We engage the wider postgraduate community in our work through a range of activities. These include seminars, workshops, and an annual conference.



The Co-Chairs

Maren Rohe, PhD candidate (POLSIS)

Bruno Luciano, PhD candidate (POLSIS)


Melina Delmas, PhD candidate (Translation Studies),

Cosmin Minea, PhD candidate (Art History)

Ilaria Bernardi, PhD candidate (POLSIS)

Alba De Juana, PhD candidate (Cultural Heritage)

Academic Director

Dr. Julian Paenke, Lecturer in European politics and DAAD Fachlektor

Past Committees


The Co-Chairs

Image   Image


Image   Image   Image

Journal Staff

Image   Image  

Image   Image   Image


Image   12. Amir   Image

Image   Image   Image

Academic Director


Past Committees


Co-Chair Events: Annie Gibney
Co-Chair Journal: Ivor Bolton
Marketing Officer: Eliza (Ola) Krucon
Communications Officer: Chloë Hancox
Events Officer: Charlotte Galpin
Events Officer: Josefin Graef
Journal Officer: Claire Morelon
Journal Officer: Gail Mobley
Journal Officer: Zainab Naqvi


Co-Chair Events: Charlotte Galpin
Co-Chair Journal: Judith Allan
Events Officer: Annie Gibney
Member: Andrew Reid
Member: Katherine Tonkiss
Member: James Green


Co-Chair Events: James Green
Co-Chair Journal: Judith Allan

Before 2010

Claire Watters (Chair)
Tara Windsor (Chair)
Nicola Corkin (Chair)


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