Write for the blog

The Graduate Centre for Europe (GCfE) is a student led initiative to create a forum for the development of ideas on Europe, accessible to the postgraduate community in the University of Birmingham and beyond. The steering committee organizes a film series as well as a series of seminars to investigate varied topics all related to the European continent (such as academic exchange and collaboration, cultural diplomacy or human migration to cite a few). The major annual conference of the GCfE in May will conclude the current cycle of events. All the events are advertised in due course on Twitter (@gcfe_bham), on our Facebook page (Graduate Center for Europe), and on this blog.

In addition to those activities, the steering committee has decided to use a blog to receive and publicize the written contributions of postgraduate students and staff from the University of Birmingham and beyond. This blog is an opportunity for you to express your opinions and share relevant thoughts on current European debates. There is no shortage of political questions being debated today in Europe, but you might find that the quality of the debates could be improved, that they lack intellectual rigour or even miss their points. If you have ever wondered how you could contribute and make a positive impact on the debate that matters the most to you, then the GCfE is glad to offer you a new platform.

Contributions to the blog are welcome in various forms:

  • Fully fledged articles written by you, especially for the blog
  • Constructive comments on articles already published on the blog are also encouraged
  • Book, film or exhibition reviews are most appreciated

We would also be delighted to consider contributions in other creative forms.

For any contribution to the blog, we ask you to take into consideration the following general guidelines:

  1. The objective of a contribution can never be to personally attack somebody. Ideas should be debated, but an equal respect is due to everyone.
  2. The subject of your contribution must have a link with Europe, in the wide sense of the term. No restriction on any discipline applies.
  3. Contributions should not exceed 1500 words. Opinions that are exposed in a rigorous, yet concise, way are more likely to have an impact.
  4. When you present a fact, please include your source. A short bibliography is also expected (excluded from the length limit).
  5. You are encouraged to introduce yourself in a few words (who are you, what are you researching…). The readers might appreciate to know who the author of a contribution is, and it might help to create a community of interest.
  6. Your contributions should be sent to gcfe@bham.ac.uk.
  7. If your submission does not meet these guidelines, we will let you know and ask you to amend your article before publication on the blog.

The GCfE’s committee hopes to hear from you soon!