First GCfE Committee Meeting: Get Involved!

Our first officially committee meeting will be Thursday, 16th October at 11:3oam (until about 12:30/13:30pm) in room 328 Muirhead Tower.

The meeting is open to everyone interested in joining either the GCfE events committee or the BJfE publications team (or both). No strings attached, feel free to come along and share ideas for this year’s event themes and annual conference topic. In previous years we have run skills sessions, topical panels and paper/project presentations in addition to social events (such as an advent reading and a pub quiz). If you have ideas for similar events, want to run or present a panel/presentation/etc and/or have an idea for further events please do come along and let us know what you would like to see the GCfE do this year.

There is also the opportunity to join the committee as a general events/publications member or to take on a specific role. In particular the committee is looking for at least one Marketing Officer and Communications Officer, but there are other opportunities to take on a leadership role in the forum. Come along for information about both of these positions and other ways to get involved.

Finally, if you cannot make this meeting date/time but would like to still get involved please send an email to and let us know if you are interested with publications, events or both. You can also send us ideas for events even if you aren’t looking to help manage the committee or run events this year. Future meetings (as well as events and the conference) will be planned around the availability of involved members so letting us know by email that you are interested will make sure we keep you in the loop when it comes time to schedule the next meeting.

We hope to see several new (whether or not you are actually new to the University of Birmingham) faces at our first committee meeting, and that the rest of you will be sure to keep an eye out for the next GCfE event.


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