Call for Articles

The GCfE publications team is now seeking submissions for two different publications:

1. Reviews for the Birmingham Journal for Europe

We are seeking reviews of recent book/journal/article publications of approximately 1,000 words to publish with the third issue of our journal which is currently projected for mid-June.This issue will be entitled ‘Europe: Brink of Collapse or Portrait of Progress?’ and for this volume postgraduate researchers from any disciplinary background were invited to offer their own reflections on either European collapse or progress. This may explore the concept of upheaval through time and space in considering Europe’s shifting fortunes and relationships with the outside world. Conversely, papers were encouraged to examine European contributions to the ideas of growth, progress, and innovation both at present and throughout history. Published papers will focus on Europe as a whole or concentrate specifically on one or a few European nations.

Material reviewed can be on any topic and from any disciplinary background of the reviewers choosing; however, priority will be given to authors who are offering to review material that might possibly relate to the theme of this volume (i.e. collapse or progress in Europe). If you are interested please send an email to by 6 May 2014 and let us know what book/article/journal you would be interested in reviewing. Please expect to have the article written by 10 June 2014 (we will confirm by the 10th of May if we think the material you plan to review is suitable for our publication). We are unfortunately unable to provide materials to review and are therefore looking for reviews of publications that you own or have access to.

This is an online publication and the articles would be published with our journal on our website.  This is the first issue that is projected to include reviews and we are looking for authors who would be willing to help us expand upon this current publication.

To see our journal please visit:

2. Content Articles for the GCfE Newsletter

The third issue of the GCfE Newsletter is due to be published at the end of the exam term. We are currently seeking content articles which are expected to be around 250-500 words in length. The topic is chosen by you the author and can be anything including a conference or project review, thoughts on current events, etc. Previous topics have included a discussion of research at CERN and the Grimsel test site, the upcoming EU elections and an ongoing research project into Medieval Spanish. If you are interested please email us at by 6 May 2014 and let us know that you would like to submit a content article and on what topic. You will be expected to submit this article by no later than 23 May 2014. For this publication we will aim to respond to emails within a few business days to confirm our interest in your article.

To see our previous newsletters please visit:


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