Eighth Annual Conference: Wrap Up

The 8th annual conferences was one of our most intellectual engaging and smoothest operations to date. Of course it wasn’t all grand insights and

Birmingham Walking Tour


Ivor, a member of our journal team, took a reprieve from his publication duties to organise a delightful walking tour across Birmingham for our visiting delegates. Although even some of us from within the University of Birmingham found us learning a few new things about the city we currently call home.


Of course no trip to the city centre would be complete with pausing for a group photo around the famous Bullring bull.


Nor could we have in good conscience brought together so many delegates from across Europe without treating them to a bit of that beautiful English weather. The walking tour was a well enjoyed break for conference delegates, guests and organisers alike. It allowed the group a chance to see a small slice of Birmingham and an opportunity for a few informal chats and new connections.

Conference Dinner


Apparently one of the running themes for this year’s conference was to allow the publication’s teams to handle the social affairs. The dinner was organised by journal officer Enrico at Red Peppers in the Mailbox. With an ample three courses to choose from and plenty of wine the conference dinner was definitely one of the highlights of this event.


Closing Wine Reception


No conference would be complete without a farewell glass of wine. The reception was the perfect way to say goodbye to friends old and new.

Image   Image

Committee Chairs

Image   Image

2012/13 + 2013/14 GCfE Co-Chairs

To close the final blog post for the GCfE 8th Annual Conference we’ve included a couple of images of the committee co-chairs for both this and the previous academic year. On the left we have our Co-Chair (Events): Josie (2013/14) and Annie (2012/13) who have both done amazing jobs hosting high quality GCfE events, in particular the annual conference. On the right are our Co-Chair (Publications): Ivor (2012/13) and Gail (2013/14) who have worked tireless both to get the Birmingham Journal for Europe back on track and help expand our GCfE literary outreach, which includes this blog.

We hope everyone who was able to attend the GCfE 8th Annual Conference had a fantastic experience and that those of you following along through this blog have both been well entertained and motivated to consider sending in your conference abstract next year.


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