Eighth Annual Conference: Meet the Committee

ImageThe Graduate Centre for Europe could not happen without the hard work of the postgraduate steering committee. Each member has had a hand in shaping this conference, from deciding on the theme to the food, the success of this event is due to the efforts of the largest steering committee the centre has had to date.


Josie and Gail
Josie, our fabulous Co-Chair (Events), oversaw all conference tasks and personally handled communications with presenters, booking the venue and managing the budget to name just a few of her numerously well juggled activities.

As this year’s Co-Chair (Publications), Gail is responsible for managing the publications to coincide with the event, some of the photography and applying for the extra funding necessary to organise an international event of this scale.


Who didn’t enjoy those tasty conference lunches and snacks? Ivor is the man to thank for arranging such a scrumptious spread.


Zainab has been hard at work preparing for this conference since the first round of abstracts were submitted. She also helped plan the icebreaker skills session and will be taking over as the Co-Chair (Publications) in the 2014 – 2015 academic year.

Muirhead Tower has never looked so well decorated and arranged before Daria was let loose. She handmade the black and white photography boards and procured posters to ensure we felt as if we were really about to travel through Europe. Daria also helped organise the opening thesis slam.

Enrico joined the GCfE committee this year with great enthusiasm for both events and publications and has been a tremendous assist in the lead up to the conference. He arranged our conference dinner and ensured that conference delegates were well informed about the many bars and pubs in Birmingham, both on and off campus.


Emma + Amir
Our registration duo banned together in order to bring order to chaos and ensure there was a chocolate Easter bunny in every conference pack.


Tom chaired the academic roundtable, liaising with our presenters prior to the event in order to ensure an engaging and informed presentation.

With one of the most challenging jobs of all, Ola was responsible for ensuring presenters could find the venue, the hotel, a place to leave their luggage and a warm cup of coffee. She was also sure to be available to help all other committee members with their tasks, from manning registration for an interval to catching a falling poster.

These are only some of the tasks that our committee members were responsible for in the run up to and during the event.


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