Eighth Annual Conference: Competition Winners

ImageThis year our annual conference was delighted to include a few new elements to our programme. Thanks to the support of Cambridge Scholar’s Publishing (CSP), we were able to award two £50 CSP vouchers and boxes of chocolate in conjunction with a best paper and a thesis slam competition.

The thesis slam opened our conference, much to the delight of conference organisers, delegates and attendees. Delegates and conference guests were each allowed to compete for the chance to take home the thesis slam prize. Everyone was given about 10 minutes to come up with a 2 minute presentation that linked their research and experiences to the conference theme. Competition was tough as there were several strong candidates sharing home experiences, their artistic talents and even working in partnership to present the idea of travelling Europe. In the end there could be only one winner, and by popular vote the winner was Korbinian Erdmann who taught us all that when we travel our numerous stereotypes are packed into our bags with us. Which countries do you think offer the best food, the worst fashion, and the most unwelcoming residents?

Announced to delegates and plenary panel chairs prior to the conference, this year our conference also featured a best paper prize. Each panel chair voted for the best paper on their panel, after which the GCfE committee chose the overall winner. This prize was to be awarded to a panelist who not only presented an informed and engaging paper, but also provoked stimulating audience engagement with their topic. This conference featured some of the best papers in GCfE history, but in the end Giuseppe Sofo came out on top. Given Katie’s quote above it’s not hard to see why.

Congratulations again to our two competition winners and stay tuned for further images and news about how this well-attended and stimulating event played out.


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